EcoLabs is a small non-profit environmental education organisation based in London. Ecolab is a multi-national who sell sanitation, food safety and pest extermination services. Last week we received notice that Ecolab.com are attempting to force www.Eco-Labs.org to change our domain name. The case will be overseen by National Arbitration Forum in Minneapolis at the end of May. This is a clear case of corporate bullying.

We believe that this is an important issue extending far beyond our struggle to maintain rights to Eco-Labs.org. It might seem symbolic, but the language we use has consequences. If we allow corporations to control use of the English language, we forfeit the linguistic tools we need to create public discussions about important issues. For more details on this issue please see the EcoLabs blog.

Despite what seems like an enormous waste of time and money, we feel it is important to not back down. If you are concerned with corporate encroachment of the English language and/or you want to support EcoLabs please consider helping with legal fees by donating to here.

EcoLabs legal defence fund (£800 legal fees)
Update, Monday May 16th - Thank you to everyone for your incredible support.
We have now raised £772 in only five days (!)

UPDATE June 2011.
We have just received the good news that the www.EcoLabs.org vs. www.ecolab.com case at the National Arbitration Forum has been decided in our favour. Ten pages of legal case work conclude with the statement: 'Accordingly, it is ordered that the <eco-labs.org> domain name has to REMAIN WITH Respondent.'  Many thanks to all supporters who helped us pay our legal fees. Thanks especially to to Jim Killock at the Open Rights Group for their help. In light of this decision, we expect that Ecolab.com (the $5bn chemical cleaning and pest extermination company) will stop harassing us.