Memefest, Design History Society's 'Design Activism and Social Change' conference and Emergent Order

EcoLabs is excited have been invited to participate in the week-long workshop at Memefest, 9th International Festival of Radical Communication, which is a part of Oddstream, the communication and multimedia festival in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

EcoLabs' submission 'Hopenhagen: Design Activism as an Oxymoron' has been accepted for the Design History Society conference Design Activism and Social Change in Barcelona in September 2011.

EcoLabs as also been invited to participate in the Fourth Conference on Emergent Order to discuss our upcoming paper 'Design as an Emergent Order', which will be published in the free online journal Studies in Emergent Order later this year. The paper proposal 'Design as an Emergent Order' can now be downloaded here.