EcoLabs - Ecological Literacy Initiative

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Does illustration and graphic design have a role to play in climate change? Images can function as powerful tools when they communicate not only the psychological dynamics of the issues - but also the science of climate change to the non-expert mind. How illustrators and designers rise to the challenge of communicating the most essential messages in an era of environmental crisis - is on the agenda of this cross-disciplinary panel discussion.

This panel discussion follows an article from Varoom magazine (published by the Association of Illustrators): 'The Greening of Illustration' by EcoLabs founder Jody Boehnert. Panelists will include figures from design journalism, academia, radical and mainstream illustration and design, climate change activists and the scientific community.

The panel will be moderated by John Thackara, author of 12 books including 'In the Bubble: Designing In A Complex World'. Thackara the Director of Doors of Perception (Doors), a design futures network, and an instigator of collaborative innovation where designers, together with grassroots innovators and citizens, develop new systems for our collective good. According to the Wall Street Journal, Thackara "has established a global reputation as a cutting edge design expert". Wired called him a “a design luminary”. We count ourselves fortunate to have his help for this event.

Globe illustration: © Jody Barton


Tickets available on-line until September 19th.
Approximately 50 ticket available on the door.