EasyJet - Greenwash Alert. October 2008

A formal investigation is being conducted by Advertising Standards Authority into EasyJet's claim that flying could be 50% cleaner in ten years thanks to a complaint EcoLabs made last month. We asked how this figure can be substantiated.  We have yet to find any credible published reports describing a technological solution to reducing carbn emissions through air travel. If EasyJet cannot substantiate this figure they need to set the record straight.

Apparently EasyJet was forced earlier this year to withdraw another advert as reported in the Guardian. Unfortunately, it seems that getting told off for lying by the ASA is not considered a serious enough offense to warrant not doing it again. The ASA report can be seen here.

Considering the serious implications of imminent climate change and the danger misinformation campaigns pose to the public perceptions, and eventually to policy - at EcoLabs we consider this negligent on the part of EasyJet and the advertising firm who created this campaign (Oglivy). We must get serious with greenwash if we stand any chance of dealing turning the tide on climate change.

** update - May 2008 : The case will be heard by the ASA council within the next few weeks. It appears that their investigation is entirely built around a response by EasyJet that remained unexamined. Here is my reply:


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