EcoLabs is a non profit that provides many resources and services for free – but this does not mean we can help everyone with requests for consultancy and/or design. EcoLabs presently has no institutional support and we must ask clients and user groups to pay for consultancy, design work and the use of our resources within an institutional setting. We have a tiered pricing system which enables us to work for different types of organisations. One rule of thumb is that we will never work for free if the person we who asks us for help is being paid. If this is you, and you do not have a budget, consider either splitting your wage with us – or just read the free resources we provide on-line. Please do not ask us to do something that you are not doing yourself. There is a minimum charge for consultancy work of 1/2 days payment.

There is also a pricing system for the use of resources. Prices depend on the way that the images or resources are used. It is possible to buy the rights to for unlimited use of an image in your organisation (although it is unlikely we will give exclusive rights). We ask that any organisation, institution or educator using our work please make a donation each time our work is used.